Welcome to the 2015 Tübingen MEG Symposium

>> Symposium Program <<

The 2015 Tübingen MEG Symposium brings together leading international researchers in the field of MEG and related disciplines. Join us in Tübingen on Nov 2-3 to learn about the latest advances in MEG research and beyond.

Confirmed speakers:

Nikolai Axmacher, Bochum
Fernando Maestù, Madrid
Guido Nolte, Hamburg
Jonas Obleser, Leipzig
Krish Singh, Cardiff
Gregor Thut, Glasgow
Rufin vanRullen, Toulouse
Virginie van Wassenhove
, Gif-sur-Yvette
Thilo Womelsdorf
, Toronto
Valentin Wyart
, Paris

Click here for photos of the 2014 symposium